Simple Landscape Ideas Perfect for Beginners

Simple Landscape Ideas for Your Home

Are you looking out to your lawn thinking it could use some landscaping? If so, you are in the right place as today we will look at easy ways for you to spruce up your lawn and make your outdoor property truly come to life.

Landscaping is the perfect way to add value to your property by making it more beautiful and pleasing to both you and those around you.

Principles of Landscaping

Before we get into a few great ideas for your lawn, we must first take a moment to examine a few of the principles of landscaping.

Landscaping is artistic.

Art can be found anywhere you look and this includes a carefully landscaped lawn or garden. The goal of landscaping is for you to create something beautiful that can be enjoyed by both you and others. You determine what is beautiful. This is your work of art. You are what determines what is and is not beautiful.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consult what experienced landscapers are doing before you begin. Drive around town and look at what others have done and spent some time watching videos online to see what people are doing and how they are doing it. Ultimately, the choice is up to you to determine what will look great with your lawn.

Visualize your outdoor spaces.

While you don’t have to transform every square inch of your lawn into something that is both beautiful and functional, it is important to visualize your entire property and divide into distinct outdoor spaces. Each space should have a specific function with its own unique look that blends well with the other spaces of your lawn.

Plan your landscaping project.

Now that you have an image of how you want your lawn to look, it is time to carefully plan out the project. For example, if you want to create a nice pool area with a barbecue, what will you need to make the project come to life. Decide ahead of time what materials you need to complete the job and create a budget for your project so you know what you have to spend.

Landscaping Ideas for Beginners

Now that you understand the basic principles in creating the perfect landscaping project, let’s look at a few landscaping ideas that are perfect for beginners.

1. Design your yard for every season

Most people design their yards with the warmer months in mind. Why not try to create something that looks good all year long regardless of the season. The right combination of hedges, flowers and stones can create a design that looks great regardless of the season.


Simple Landscape Ideas

 Seasonal Garden: Source

2. Grow lush, green grass.

One of the best parts of landscaping is choosing the best grass for your lawn. Grass such as bermuda grass is lush and green and lays like a living carpet on your lawn. A lush, green lawn is one of the easiest ways you can spruce up your property with your landscaping efforts.

3. Plant flower beds.

One of the easiest ways you can truly add beauty to your lawn, a flower bed is easy to put together are care for during the warmer months. Flowers will add beautiful color to your property as well as provide wonderful scents when they are in bloom.



4. Mulch all beds regularly.

Nothing cleans up landscaping better than fresh mulch. This mulch should be changed on a regular basis to give your lawn a fresh, clean look all year round. Landscaping doesn’t have to be left up to the professionals. Anyone can create a beautiful lawn and garden with just a little bit of planning and work.

The ideas above are a great way for even the earliest of beginners to undertake and can truly add to the value of your home and property with just a little bit of work.


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Use LED Landscape Lighting for Your Garden

Gama-Sonic-4-Light-LED-Solar-Path-and-Garden-Light-with-Planter-GS-111PLWhen it comes to getting your garden to look exactly the way that you want it to, it can sometimes be a labor of love. In most cases, it takes a certain amount of time and effort to get things exactly the way that you want them. Your ideas may change as your garden develops or you may have a perfect vision of what you want in your mind.

Change the Atmosphere with LED Lighting

However, getting that vision to become reality sometimes takes longer than you might think, at least at first.

One thing you might want to consider adding to set off your garden and make it look truly stunning is LED landscape lighting. This is something that can change the entire atmosphere of the area and it also can be used differently depending on how you want your garden to look.


Last but certainly not least, it has a lot of practical uses. The only caveat is that you need to be aware of any practical concerns that go with it so that you do not get in over your head while you are purchasing the needed items and installing everything.
If you want to change the atmosphere of your garden, incorporating lighting is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do it. In truth, lighting can turn a relatively bland area into something that is inviting and warm. It works especially well and if you enjoy spending time outdoors, near your garden at night, or if you do a lot of entertaining.

Many people make the decision to set up a beautiful garden complete with waterfalls and walkways that also incorporates LED landscape lighting. They are therefore able to hold their parties in these areas. The lighting instantly transforms the area and as such, it changes the entire atmosphere.

Many ways of using Lighting in the Garden

LED landscape lighting

These types of lights can be used for almost anything. If you want to use lights as simple accent lighting, that is perfectly acceptable. In these cases, the lights are really nothing more than aesthetic additions to your garden.

You can use them to highlight a certain area, which is a very effective way of creating an emphasis in a certain part of the garden.

For example, you if you have a waterfall in the garden, you can use the lighting to draw the eyes to that particular area so that it can be easily seen regardless of the time of day. This is an effective technique for practically any area of the garden and it works equally well regardless of the reason that the lighting is present.

Of course, landscape lighting has many practical uses as well. If your yard is set up so that you must walk through a large flower garden on your way to the front door, the lights serve the very practical purpose of allowing you to see where you are going after dark. It also makes it easier for you to see what is going on in the darkest recesses of your yard.


Image source:




 Image source:

LED Landscape Lighting – Solar or Electricity?

While LED lighting can have a number of practical uses, there are some very real concerns that you have to consider. Doing so will make your project go much more smoothly. For example, do you want to install lights that require you to run electricity to the area or do you want to install solar powered lights that can be operated without running any electrical wires whatsoever?

Deciding these types of things ahead of time will make it easier for you to complete the project quickly and efficiently.

LED landscape lighting is an excellent way to accomplish several goals at one time. By exploring the different options that are available and then making an educated decision about what you want to install, you can create the look that you have always wanted.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a garden that is better lit, thus affording you more opportunities to enjoy your garden at all times of the day.


Youtube information:




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Cottage Garden Roses

I love those pictures showing beautiful cottage gardens. And it is almost like there is no cottage cozy garden without roses. Roses creates such a romantic beauty….It is so lovely…..


Lovely setting^: The beauty of snug planting. Discourages weeds, too.:
Image source:      Image source:    


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Whimsical Garden Decor for a Charming Area

bench600Lounging outside in the yard on a beautiful day is one of the most relaxing things you can do as a homeowner. The allure of a pretty garden with fresh flowers, stately shrubbery, and manicured lawns is a very calming experience. However, plantings are not the only concern when thinking about the overall look of your landscape. Careful attention should be paid to the garden decor which includes furniture, statues, and various decorative items.

Garden Furniture

When it comes to placing furniture in your own, personal, garden oasis, functionality isn’t the only concern. Of course, it’s important to have comfortable seating and lounging pieces that will fit your lifestyle, but it’s also crucial to keep in mind the overall look and style you are trying to achieve.

A beautifully whimsical garden will include furniture pieces that compliment the area and tie in with various color choices throughout the space. A beautiful wrought iron bench surrounded by cascading dreams of flowering plants, for example, will set the stage for a cottage-like feel. Or a table setting for two made of weathered iron set among a patio of evergreens will give the illusion of a private getaway spot.

Furniture types are endless with regard to garden decor. It’s important to consider the outdoor elements when choosing pieces as exposure to rain, sun, and wind are inevitable. Materials such as iron, wicker, and weatherproofed wood will work best, but if the furniture will sit in a covered area other materials are options as well. With today’s quaint styles, furniture doesn’t have to look perfect. Rusted metal and shabby chic wood are all the rave, so experiment with furniture pieces when creating your design. Don’t be afraid to include pieces that aren’t straight-from-the-factory perfect.

garden statuesGarden Statues

Another idea to incorporate a fun style into the garden is through the use of statues. Including a statue will create a distinct focal point and add a great deal of charm and style.

Statues can take the form of solid sculptures or can include a water feature or fountain. These items must be carefully planned with regard to placement, and the various plantings around the feature should be designed to enhance, not distract from, the overall ambiance of the piece.

Flowers and shrubbery immediately around the statue should be low for a while, further, out you may want to plant a large tree or erect a shade structure.

The idea is to provide a visually appealing area that may be enjoyed without having to look through tall trees or plants. The statue should be the center of attention upon entrance into the garden, and should draw visitors in to relax and enjoy.

 Image Source:

Garden Decor – Other Decorative Items

One of the smallest, yet possibly the most important, aspect of garden decoration is overall decorative items. These are specialty pieces that are placed throughout the garden to give it that homey feel. For example, outdoor rugs, hanging lanterns, or urns and pottery are all items that can be added to increase the mood of the yard. This area is usually where particular splashes of color are brought into the garden to pull together the character of the space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color by spray painting an old lantern or flower pot with a bright blue or yellow color. It is only paint and you can repaint it if it doesn’t fit the overall design. 

Marble Garden Globe - DIY this with some E-6000 adhesive, an old thrift store bowling ball, marbles, and a lot of time.:

Image Source:

Often overlooked, decorative items can add beautiful color and exquisite style that is the finishing touch to any outdoor space.

The outdoor living space of your home should be a tranquil, relaxing area to be enjoyed at all times of the year. Designing an appropriate place to enjoy the outdoors includes choosing furniture, focal-point pieces, and various decorative items to enhance the overall atmosphere, and create a mood that is both delightful and inspiring for all that visit. Choosing pieces that are whimsical and unexpected will not only create a relaxing oasis but will have guests excited to visit and sad to leave.

Choosing pieces that are whimsical and unexpected will not only create a relaxing oasis but will have guests excited to visit and sad to leave.


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Pergola Designs – Find the Right Ones for Your Garden

Pergola DesignsWhen it comes to Pergola designs, virtually the only limitations are your own imagination. They come in many different shapes and sizes and they can even be made out of different materials.

Many people have a desire to create the perfect garden in their backyard that can be used as a space to enjoy a time spent with nature as well as to get away from the hustle and bustle of the household for a while. In fact, a lot of people spend a great deal of time planning out all of the intricate details about their garden so they can have that perfect space that gives them solace by simply walking out of their back door. One of the things that many people decide to incorporate is Pergolas.

If you want a smaller Pergola that serves as an entryway to your garden, you may want to focus on the types of materials that you want to use to build it. However, it is possible to have a very large Pergola that covers a long section of the garden, perhaps connecting two sections together. Many people actually get very creative with their Pergola ideas and they choose to incorporate Pergolas that cover foot bridges, arching over small koi-filled ponds. There is virtually nothing that you cannot do with Pergola designs. Choosing the right design will help you bring your vision for the perfect garden together.

pergola design

Pergola Designs at Your Own Taste

One of the things that you want to consider when it comes to building a Pergola is the type of design that you want. What type of wood do you want it to be constructed from? Most of the time, your decision will be largely impacted by the color that you want the Pergola to be when it is finished. For example, you can choose cedar or some other type of wood, allowing you to create a design that ranges from a very pale color to a rich red color. There is virtually everything in between available to you. The decision will be whether or not you want to leave openings at the top of the structure or close the top off completely. This is largely a personal preference, so the decision is really entirely up to you.

Plants for Pergola

Finally, you will want to decide what types of plants you want to use. Most people decide to use something that grows quickly, yet can be easily maintained and controlled. It is important to note that you can incorporate more than one type of plant. For instance, you can plant a vine that will quickly cover the entire Pergola, turning it into a lush, green paradise. You can then incorporate a number of colorful plants that are in decorative pots along the pathway of the Pergola, adding a bright pop of color in every corner.

The different Pergola designs that are available mean that you can create almost anything you want. That in turn, gives you the chance to turn a rather dull pathway into a beautiful design that leads directly into your little piece of paradise.

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Garden Fence Ideas To Choose For Your Garden

garden fence ideasGarden fences can add a truly unique and polished touch to almost anyone’s garden. They serve a functional purpose, of course, since they can serve as a barrier that protects or helps mark a person’s yard. However, plenty of people add garden fences specifically because they are stylish and decorative. There are plenty of garden fence ideas to choose from, and they each have their merits and downsides.

Wooden fences – the most popular of garden fence ideas

Wooden fences are among the most popular of garden fence ideas. Many people associate white wooden fences with tranquil suburban properties. They have large, spacious and well-kept gardens. People that are going for a natural look when they are putting together their gardens will often choose wooden fences.

6d2385b60ba5db8697de27e1c4c1dbd1They are literally made from natural materials and complete the look effectively. Wooden fences are also remarkably versatile, in addition to being easy to set up and put together.

However, people that are interested in durability may want to reconsider their wooden fences. Wooden fences are very much prone to wear and tear. They can become threatened by insects and distorted due to the effects of moisture.

Gardeners will often find themselves putting in a lot of effort to keep them looking presentable. White wooden fences, in particular, are prone to looking dirty. Many think that cleaning them is something of a chore.

However, wooden fences are well worth the effort so you should not let these potential problems discourage you.

Image source:


Fence in Fido Keeping furry family members safe should be a high priority when you landscape your backyard. Make sure you have a sturdy, escape-proof fence that is tall enough to keep your dog from jumping over. Also, make sure gates can be locked. Never leave your dog unattended for long periods of time. Here, a vinyl, gnaw-proof picket fence keeps Fido confined when needed.:







Vinyl fences

Vinyl fences are becoming increasingly popular these days. Many vinyl fences have an imposing look that can almost give a garden a secret garden look and feel. Vinyl fences do cost more than wooden fences, which is going to be a deal-breaker for some homeowners. However, they are significantly easier to maintain, which is also going to make a huge difference.

They are vulnerable in the winter time when it is cold, but they are still vulnerable to fewer threats than wooden fences. Plenty of people specifically purchase vinyl fences because they visually look like wooden fences. That might be true, at least from a great enough distance, but they are significantly less expensive. Vinyl fences are not going to be close enough to their wooden counterparts for some tastes. On the other hand, they may be ideal according to other people’s standards.

Simply lovely to look at:

Metallic Fences

Some people favor metallic fences, which come in many different shapes and sizes. There are plenty of metal fences that have very intricate and artistic designs. They can instantly flatter a wide range of different gardens.

Metallic fences aren’t going to be targeted by insects and threats of that nature. Depending on the material, they can be prone to rust. On the other hand, it is possible to find metal fences that would not rust. Some metal fences can be more difficult to initially set up than wooden fences and others.

But even these are going to be well worth the effort. The wide variety that is possible with metallic fences means that homeowners will have to spend a lot of time evaluating all of their choices. That can be a fun adventure!

Choosing between different garden fence ideas, in general, is a great adventure.

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Garden Borders That Will Make Your Garden Pop

One of the most important aspects when it comes to garden design is deciding on the type of garden borders your beds will require. Borders serve the purpose of significantly reducing weed growth within the beds which we all love. But they are also providing an attractive division or boundary between beds, pathways, and lawns.

Garden borders

Garden Borders – Edging Ideas

There are several types of garden borders, but three of the most popular are brick, concrete, and natural stone and rock.

Brick Edging

The use of brick throughout a garden border is a fairly traditional approach. There are several patterns that are seen in gardens at various price points. One of the most popular patterns, as well as the most DIY proof, is the diagonal layout. Bricks are laid at a 45-degree angle within a small trench and then back-filled with soil to assure a sturdy footing. Using this method is simple to do and is one of the least expensive. It also produces an attractive look that will blend perfectly with almost any landscape design.

However, there are several disadvantages to this method. Unfortunately, there is almost no guarantee of adequate weed control. The bricks often move over time, and, when installing this type of border, it is almost impossible to set the bricks at a consistent height. For these reasons, brick is often used in projects with a lower budget in order to obtain a more traditional overall look.

Image Source: /pin/205054589262745481/

Concrete Edging

Concrete garden edging is one of the most durable border materials on the market. These cast borders virtually eliminate any concerns a garden lover has with regard to weeds overtaking the beds. With concrete, mowing is a snap as the lines are smooth and easily maneuvered with the mower. This form of edging can be cast in almost any shape whether the lines in your landscape are straight or curved.

An obvious disadvantage to concrete garden borders is they are often seen as harsh and impersonal with a very minimalist effect. In addition, concrete borders can be quite expensive. It can also be judged as being somewhat out of place in a natural, outdoor setting.

garden borders - natural stonesNatural Stone and Rock Edging

One of the most popular forms of garden borders is natural stone and rock. There are countless material and color options when making this design choice. That means there is definitely a stone product that is perfect for almost any landscape.

Whether flagstone, pavers, cobblestone, or rock is used, the choices are limitless.  Also, the advantages of using a natural product are abundant.

Since they are forged from nature, stone and rock often go with any design and outdoor decor. This material will also last a lifetime as they are durable enough to resist the negative effects of harsh environments.

Placement options are plentiful. They can be stacked to give a more grounded effect.  For a more low-profile look, larger pieces are sometimes laid end-to-end in a single layer for a softer appearance. Although an eye-catching option, natural stone, and rock do have their disadvantages.

Image Source:

Working with these natural products can come with som problems. One is that weeds will eventually creep back in through the natural openings between the pieces of rock. Also, mowing the grass around the outside of a stone or rock bed can be quite challenging as the edges are naturally uneven. This may require the periodic use of hand clippers for that perfectly manicured edge. One of the biggest disadvantages to using natural stone and rock is the price. This design option is one of the most expensive as compared to brick and concrete.



A gorgeous garden is a place where nature may be enjoyed by those fortunate enough to appreciate its beauty. Designing

the layout of a garden can be one of the most enjoyable experiences. There are many things to consider though and deciding on the types and position of plants and flowers is not the only element to an attractive yard.

When fabricating the plan for your backyard oasis, it’s important to consider which border option is right to fulfill your overall objective. Brick, concrete, and natural stone variants are all options that are sure to complete any garden plan. It has the potential of turning your backyard into the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors.

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So beautiful garden!

Sometimes it looks just perfect….I love this idyllic garden…! I can almost smell the fragrance … it is absolutely amazing!

HOME & GARDEN: 40 inspirations pour un jardin anglais:

Image link

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Early Spring Flowering Shrubs – Soon Blooming……

Right now I am into these first early spring flowering shrubs that here use to show up at the beginning of April and later. Lovely bushes that are blooming before the leaves show up. It is such a wonderful scenery, it is like new life is coming up from death…Take for example the blooming shrub called “forsythia”, a lovely shrub that blooms with yellow flowers on bare branches, and lit the garden up, like telling us that soon the winter will loose its grip, spring is here and soon the summer and the warmth will come! No wonder you love the forsythia shrub!

Forsythia –  One of the Most Popular Early Spring Flowering ShrubsForsythia - early spring flowering shrubs

Image Link

I remember when I was a little girl, how I was waiting for that large bush to show its yellow buds in the spring. I found it soo exciting to see it explode with that yellow color!

One other exciting and spectacular spring-blooming bush is the Witch Hazel. This bush also bloom on the leafless branches, but with flowers that have red base a softer yellow tone than the forsythia. And the fragrance from this bush is lovely!

A Beautiful Spring Flowering Bush – The Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel Bush

Image link

Well, I am still waiting for spring to arrive in this part of the world (Northern Europe)….but still I have not yet seen any sign of some spring bulbs, which should be the first flower showing up, even before the early spring flowering bushes. Oh, wrong I saw some yellow buds from winter aconite slowly arise beside a house wall in the city the other day, but that’s about it. In my garden, all flowers are still frozen, frozen….

But, you can’t get depressed about that, can you …you just have to wait a little bit longer, and during the time indulge yourself with pictures of a blooming spring garden!

The Common Lilac Shrub

So let’s wait for another favorite spring classic; the spring flowering bush that might be the one I love the most.  I have a large hedge with Lilacs in my garden, that gives tons of blooms a little bit into the spring time. My hedge is an old one so it is high and very generous with flowers.

If you have a lilac in your garden it is very easy to make your own spring bouquet to put on the table somewhere indoors. The flowers have a lovely fragrance and give such a great feeling of freshness and beauty. With lilacs on the table, you just know that the summer is coming and I know no better feeling than that!

  Lilac, Tiny Dancer™, , large lilac
Buy Lilac Here:


The Albany Herald. EDDIE SEAGLE Plan to coordinate color in yard-scaping. The Albany Herald. Spring is just around the corner. Flower color is beginning to be seen all around. Both springtime and flowers have an effect on people. And as one would expect the urge to plant flowers increases in each of us. So as we choose our plants and our.…

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Second Hand Garden Birdbath…..

Of all my pins on Pinterest, this picture is the most repinned of the all… Glass and ceramics are glued together to make a beautiful masterpiece for the garden….a perfect birdbath! So…now I have to start running around in second-hand shops to find things so I can make something similar. Will be great in my cottage garden! I love when my flowers and birds can enjoy my garden together!

Image link

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Growing Roses in Pots is Working just Fine

Look at the rose pictures below…They have been creating a whole little garden growing roses in pots. So many roses can make it and live a good life in containers of different kinds. My problem with growing roses like this is that I sometimes forget the watering and feeding…. They need a lot of it!  But anyway, … I think I have to try again this is soo beautiful!

 How ot grow roses in pots. dan330

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