You Can Grow These Lovely Roses In Your Garden!

I am in love with roses and want to fill my garden with them. Now it is so easy to buy them since you can order them online. The Burpee’s rose plants have a fresh fragrance and grow hardy, tough and healthy, available at Just click the images or links below and start growing these beauties!

All you need to know about the plants you will find on the next page……just click the link and read about height, resistance, how to plant them and more.

English Roses:

Rose, Olivia Rose Austin, , large Rose, Claire Austin PP19465, , large  English Rose, Queen of Sweden , , large

Rose, Olivia Rose Austin

Rose, Claire Austin PP19465 English Rose, Queen of Sweden 
English Rose, Molineux, , large  Rose, Charlotte, , large

English Rose, Lichfield Angel , , large

English Rose, Molineux


Rose, Charlotte

English Rose, Lichfield Angel

English Rose, James Galway, , large

English Rose, James Galway


More Lovely Roses

Rose, Oso Easy Double Red PPAF®, , large

Rose, Tranquility , , large

Rose, Young Lycidas , , large

Rose, Oso Easy Double Red PPAF®

Rose, Tranquility

Rose, Young Lycidas

 Rose, Livin' La Vida® PPAF, , large  Rose, Carding Mill , , large Rose, Munstead Wood, , large

Rose, Livin’ La Vida® PPAF

Rose, Carding Mill Rose, Munstead Wood

Rose, Lady of Shalott PP22171, , large

 Rose, Graham Thomas, , large  Rose, L.D.Braithwaite™, , large
Rose, Lady of Shalott PP22171 Rose, Graham Thomas  Rose, L.D.Braithwaite™
Rose, Abraham Darby, , large Rose, Falstaff ™, , large Rose, Harlow Carr ®, , large
Rose, Abraham Darby Rose, Falstaff ™ Rose, Harlow Carr ®





So beautiful garden!

Sometimes it looks just perfect….I love this idyllic garden…! I can almost smell the fragrance … it is absolutely amazing!

HOME & GARDEN: 40 inspirations pour un jardin anglais:

Image link

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Early Spring Flowering Shrubs – Soon Blooming……

Right now I am into these first early spring flowering shrubs that here use to show up at the beginning of April and later. Lovely bushes that are blooming before the leaves show up. It is such a wonderful scenery, it is like new life is coming up from death…Take for example the blooming shrub called “forsythia”, a lovely shrub that blooms with yellow flowers on bare branches, and lit the garden up, like telling us that soon the winter will loose its grip, spring is here and soon the summer and the warmth will come! No wonder you love the forsythia shrub!

Forsythia –  One of the Most Popular Early Spring Flowering Shrubs


How to Grow Anything: Container Gardening
Tips & Techniques: by The Great Courses – $94.99

from: Craftsy

Image Link

I remember when I was a little girl, how I was waiting for that large bush to show its yellow buds in the spring. I found it soo exciting to see it explode with that yellow color!

One other exciting and spectacular spring-blooming bush is the Witch Hazel. This bush also bloom on the leafless branches, but with flowers that have red base a softer yellow tone than the forsythia. And the fragrance from this bush is lovely!

A Beautiful Spring Flowering Bush – The Witch Hazel

Early Spring Flowering shrubs - Witch Hazel

Image Link

Witch Hazel Bush

Image link


Well, I am still waiting for spring to arrive in this part of the world (Northern Europe)….but still I have not yet seen any sign of some spring bulbs, which should be the first flower showing up, even before the early spring flowering bushes. Oh, wrong I saw some yellow buds from winter aconite slowly arise beside a house wall in the city the other day, but that’s about it. In my garden, all flowers are still frozen, frozen….

But, you can’t get depressed about that, can you …you just have to wait a little bit longer, and during the time indulge yourself with pictures of a blooming spring garden!

The Common Lilac Shrub

So let’s wait for another favorite spring classic; the spring flowering bush that might be the one I love the most.  I have a large hedge with Lilacs in my garden, that gives tons of blooms a little bit into the spring time. My hedge is an old one so it is high and very generous with flowers.

If you have a lilac in your garden it is very easy to make your own spring bouquet to put on the table somewhere indoors. The flowers have a lovely fragrance and give such a great feeling of freshness and beauty. With lilacs on the table, you just know that the summer is coming and I know no better feeling than that!

  Lilac, Tiny Dancer™, , large lilac
Buy Lilac Here:


The Albany Herald. EDDIE SEAGLE Plan to coordinate color in yard-scaping. The Albany Herald. Spring is just around the corner. Flower color is beginning to be seen all around. Both springtime and flowers have an effect on people. And as one would expect the urge to plant flowers increases in each of us. So as we choose our plants and our.…

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Second Hand Garden Birdbath…..

Of all my pins on Pinterest, this picture is the most repinned of the all… Glass and ceramics are glued together to make a beautiful masterpiece for the garden….a perfect birdbath! So…now I have to start running around in second-hand shops to find things so I can make something similar. Will be great in my cottage garden! I love when my flowers and birds can enjoy my garden together!

Image link

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Growing Roses in Pots is Working just Fine

Look at the rose pictures below…They have been creating a whole little garden growing roses in pots. So many roses can make it and live a good life in containers of different kinds. My problem with growing roses like this is that I sometimes forget the watering and feeding…. They need a lot of it!  But anyway, … I think I have to try again this is soo beautiful!

 How ot grow roses in pots. dan330

Look at this Unusual Birdhouse…!

I think I will go check my wardrobe to see what I can find….This is such a cool idea!

Spring garden ideas- old shoe bird house:
Picture found here

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Vintage Roses…Adorable….

You do not need that much to create a lovely still life from your garden…..I love vintage and I think this picture is breathtaking in all it’s simplicity! Even the withered ones look nice too me…


Lovely Roses Image link




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Spring Flowers – I am Longing So Very Much!

Here in the northern part of Europe where I live, we still have winter but are eagerly waiting for the spring to come. Waiting for spring and my spring flowers!

I know it is far too early to be looking for snowdrops and other bulbs, but you can always hope, right..?


Spring Pansies in January

There have been years before when we have seen our spring plants show up very, very early, like blooming plants of the pansy in the middle of January…but that is so very unusual! (Actually, I thought I was dreaming when I passed a farmhouse and on a big area outside the house, the pansies were blooming in January…) But, that year with did not get hardly any real cold temperature.

spring flowers - pansy


Sleepy Spring Flowers

So now, in early February all my spring flowers are sleeping.. but I love to dream about the coming season, so I am looking at some pics from last spring when I passed a city garden in a nearby town. There I found this beautiful flowerbed filled with lovely tulips. Isn’t it beautiful! Just look:


Are you like me? Every fall I think: this year I will plant so many flower bulbs here in my home garden so I will be overwhelmed the next spring.

Flower Bulbs In My Home Garden

And every year I fail to do it. For some reason, my falls always get filled in a lot of work and there is seldom time for planning for spring. So I have to be happy for the flower bulbs I have had in my garden for years. I am talking about my snowdrops, my daffodils, white narcissus, (you know – the old fashioned ones with this heavenly fragrance…) tulips, my grape hyacinths and of course, the beautiful colorful crocuses. And I can not forget my carpet of blue scillas…..



Oh, I am longing so much for my spring flowers, but I have to be patient and wait….and during the time be looking at some pictures… that is a comfort!




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Funny quote about garden passion….

There are some quotes that say it all…here is one that hit the spot…(at least for me….!)

Burpee Gardening

Image link


Gorgeous Garden Design: Function & Style

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Maybe this is why we love our garden so much…

Everyone that have a garden to take care of knows that it does not matter how much effort you put into it…you could always do more…!

I think this quote says it all!

Burpee Gardening

 …………. Oscar-de la Renta -gardening:

Image link


How to Grow Anything: Your Best Garden & Landscape: by The Great Courses

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