How To Grow Climbing Roses In Your Garden!

newdawnclimbingroseminiMaybe you like so many of us are interested in how to grow climbing roses!

Climbing roses are so beautiful! They make such an impact on the viewer while blooming with hundreds and hundreds of flowers hanging over fences or wherever they are planted.

If you want to grow your own climbing roses you can choose to purchase a trellis or an arbor to give them a suitable place to grow.

You can also train your roses over a fence, a pillar, a garden shed, or other vertical places in your yard.

Planting a climbing rose is just about like planting every other rose.

You just need to think of planting the climbing rose at about the same depth level that it was growing in the container, and you need to think about that they need about 6-7 hours of sunlight.

Climbing rose growing tips

There are a few climbing roses though that can be planted in a place with partial shadow, like hybrid musk roses.

The soil is important for a climbing rose as well as other roses. Many people miss the importance of the soil when they start learning how to grow a rose at home. Amend your soil with high-quality compost to improve drainage and add maybe also some peat moss to improve it. You also need to give your climbing rose some rose fertilizer while growing. Those are some important rose growing tips.

Growing climbing roses might take a while; it takes time for them to be established and start blooming, so remember to be patient!

Growing climbing roses – Varieties of roses

When you think about how to grow climbing roses you should also know that there are varieties of different kind of climbing roses out there. And not all are growing the same way. For example; there are those who bloom during the entire season and those who bloom only in springtime.


These are the groups:

• Climbing Grandifloras
• Climbing Floribundas
• Climbing Polyanthas
• Climbing Hybrid Teas
• Climbing Tea Roses

Climbing roses also vary in how tall and ample they will grow. Some of them can get up to 30 feet tall, while others are lower, like 7 feet tall.

When you buy your climbing rose, be sure to talk to the nursery agent about which kind that is appropriate for your yard and garden structure. One other important factor to consider is their blooming time. Do you want a “spring bloomers” or do you prefer the “everbloomers.”?


Like all roses, there are dozens of colors you can choose from when you are about growing climbing roses and that is something you will consider when buying your climbing rose. Which color will be appropriate for your garden?

Here are som tips I found on the web:

Got Young Climbing Roses
When It Comes To Climbing Roses The Key Is Patience

Those are some rose growing tips – helpful I hope – for climbing roses!

How to grow climbing roses – Training and pruning

Read more about how to grow roses here.

When growing climbing roses Use Decorative Chain to Support Vines and Climbing Roses

Small Gardens Ideas

file9831347376199When it comes to designing a garden, there are a number of different ideas and tips you can use to create a space that is truly unique and personalized to your own style and taste.

If you aren’t sure where to start, check out some of the designs for small gardens below to help you get started.

Once you have a chance to look through these garden ideas for small gardens, you will understand just how fun it can be to create and design your own space.

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Designs For Small Gardens

Mailbox small gardens can add a big impact to you small space. It provides you with a chance to use tougher plants that are able to withstand some of the harsher growing conditions that surround your mailbox. Small garden plants can be included here without having to worry about them blocking off your view of the driveway.

Lush woodlands gardens allow you to fill a small 5×6 foot space in your yard with beautiful color. Incorporate ferns that will look amazing from the spring all the way through the fall, as well as a bleeding heart and that of a foamflower to complete the look.

Add a little sizzle and flair to your summer with bold colors of red, yellow, orange and purple in a small 5×6 foot space. Incorporate tough plants like yarrows, daylilies, sedums and more. You can rest assured that this border is going to look fabulous, regardless of how hot it gets.

Find uses for garden space here.

Now, you can transform a shady 23×11 section of your yard into a bursting array of color with this gorgeous small garden design. It provides you with seasons of blooms from the bleeding heart for the spring months to the ligularia during the summer months and the anemones throughout the fall.

Romantic Garden Ideas

If you want a soft, romantic space, you can use a section of your yard and fill it with scented roses, easy-care daylilies and cheery daisies in a small 6×6 space. The aforementioned varieties are able to withstand drought and countless other weather conditions that other plants aren’t able to hold up to. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful blooms from the comfort of your backyard.

Garden Design Ideas        Create A  Romantic Rose Garden      Low Maintenance Shrubs – Nice Designs for Small Gardens

Designs For Small Gardens     Garden ideas for small gardens Allam Homes

Look At This Lovely Perennial Garden Design

Perennial garden beds can be so beautiful! Look at the picture below for example…It is stunning!

But you might also think like me…Well, I could never have a garden like this, I do not have such beautiful house, and I certainly not have this lovely arbor so how can my garden look that nice?

No, I might not be able to ever have these gorgeous things, but I have a garden bed and I can plant exactly the same kind of perennial plants there if I want to! Just look at the color scheme; mild pink and blue colors with white accent color… all looking so nice together. It is absolutely doable even in my garden!

There are many advantages of having perennials since they many times are low maintenance (that is if you do not plant some invasive plants) and they are coming back, growing stronger and more beautiful year after year.

I do not know about you, but I am thinking about a new place in my garden for a nice perennial garden bed! I love dreaming!

This beautiful picture I found here:


Year-Round Beauty: Growing a Layered Garden

from: Craftsy

Who Does not Long For Cozy Garden Like This…?

I must admit that I have a weak spot for old, country inspired gardens. Not so perfect lines, not any straight walkways, not this super perfect lawn, just flowers, flowers and more flowers.

I love flowers that are a little bit old-fashioned, the kind of flowers my grandmother had in her garden. Mild colors, mostly perennials. I always fall for it..

The kind of garden you can see on this picture…well, isn’t it just lovely! Homely, cozy and sweet!

This lovely picture I found on Pinterest:

Adult Coloring Book - BIG

What A Success With The Shaded Garden Area

It is not always so easy to get a shaded area looking pretty. It can be a real challenge, actually! But I found this picture and I think it is such a nice combination of plants, and also very nice colors!  If I could transform my shaded plots to become something like this, I would be happy! I will take a close look and try to discover what plants they are using; …hosta, hydrangea…does anyone know what flowers the red and white are? Maybe some annuals?


Found on

Start Growing Fresh Herbs In Your Garden Now!


The use of herbs has a long history. They are mentioned in old documents like the Bible!

Use Of Herbs And Spices

Growing your own herbs is very beneficial for many reasons. You can season your food with all the lovely herbs, you can make your own tea and use it for medical purposes.

Some of the herbs can be uses as pest controls in the garden and if you dry them they are excellent in any potpourri! Some people love to make their own specific herb garden while other mix their herbs with flowers and other plants in the garden. If you have no garden, planting herbs on the balcony or even indoors (why not place some plants in the kitchen window…?) are great ways of growing herbs!

If you plan to have a herb garden at home, a plot of four-five feet by six feet should be large enough to support a small family. It is so great to cook using these lovely herbs that will make you so creative in the kitchen! Your culinary skills will hit the roof with all the variations you can get using herbs on a daily basis. Use them fresh or dried – they will always give something extra to the flavor of your dishes or as garnish for the plate or on your favorite salad.

Herbs grow in different shapes and heights. There are herb perennials and annuals, you can find herb shrubs and even trees. An overall rule you should plant the herb plant in well-drained soil. Add some organic materials if you find your soil too compact.

Plant Herbs in Pots

Most herbs love to grow in a sunny spot in your garden, but there are some of the herbs that prefer the shadowed area. If you do not want to plant your herbs on the ground in an ordinary plant bed, you can plant them in pots. That is a great way of growing herbs since there will be almost no weed for you to take care of, just the joy of seeing the plants grow. Just remember that you need to water the potted plants more often since the pots get’s dried out more quickly.


When growing your herbs you will find that most of the herb are very resistant to diseases and insects. If the weather is very hot you might have some problem with red spider mites on some of the plants like anise and fennel, otherwise herbs use to grow without problems.

Plant Herbs From Seeds

If you want you can grow your herb plants from seeds. Just feel the joy of seeing the seed grow from a tiny, tiny little seed to a beautiful, fragrant plant! To follow this process gives an extra dimension to your herb growing! It is so rewarding and I assure you that it will give you a great feeling when you are using the herbs later in the summer!


Almost all herbs can be grown from a seed, and the best way of doing it is to place the seed in a small pot with very light soil, late in the winter or very early in the spring. As a basic role you should place the seed very shallow, otherwise it will not grow. When you get the seedling, you can plant it outdoors in the spring. Be sure that it is not too early….they are a little bit sensitive in the beginning.


Some of the herbs like dill and coriander are doing better being planted directly into the garden.


Growing herbs are so rewarding, so why not take a look at your garden and find a great spot for your own herb garden now!

Design Your Own Garden


If you are planning on landscaping your garden for the first time, you don’t have to worry. The process is actually simpler than you might think. It only takes a minimal amount of work to get the landscape garden going, but the results are going to last for quite some time.

First, take pictures of your property before starting the landscaping process. You can easily assess the varieties of flowers and plants that you want to buy once you have the pictures developed. On the backs of your pictures, write down property scale to use as a measuring guide for your design. You don’t want to overdo it because of a miscalculation.

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How To Landscape a Yard

When it comes to how to landscape a yard, you also have to consider some of the basic elements of design, like: color, focal point or line, texture and form and the scale. Take your elements for landscaping and incorporate them into a few different garden landscape ideas for both hardscapes and softscapes. Think of your yard as a canvas. Go through and measure everything out to determine what elements you are going to incorporate into the design.

Knowing the scale of your property is important. You also want to make sure your home is going to fit well into the design you are looking at. Avoid overshadowing your home with too much landscaping. You have to find the perfect balance to bring the look together.

More Garden Landscape Ideas

To design your own garden, you also need to recognize what your theme is. Regardless of what type of theme you are planning to do, the main thing to remember is what colors go together to complement one another and create a stunning look.

You want something that is aesthetically appealing. Some people prefer nice flowers, while other prefers a vibrant, rich hue of trees, mini ponds, water fountains and more. The end choice is yours, but make it one that you can live with.

Know more about garden design on Wikipedia


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Growing Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses – Floral Beauty

Photo credit: ElMenda

Floribunda roses, a group of garden roses, are the horticultural product of a cross-breeding between the hybrid tea rose and the polyantha rose.

They are desirable because they bloom with profusion like that of polyanthas, but a floral beauty and color range like that of hybrid teas.

Floribundas typically have shrub bases that are stiff, and more small and bushy than a typical hybrid tea rose bush, but not quite as thickly composed and widely spread as a typical polyantha rose bush.

 Floribunda Rose Facts

Floribunda roses are generally not as large as the flowers of their parent plants, but tend to grow in large groupings, which give a nice floral effect for a garden. This makes floribunda rose planting very popular in public parks and gardens. These roses appear in all the color varieties of its parent plants and have a basic shape that is like that of the tea rose.

Pruning Floribunda Roses

This type of rose is vigorous and hardy, and should be pruned towards the end of the winter season. For many gardeners in the Northern Hemisphere, this is January or February.

In order to prune a floribunda rose plant; remove debris and dead foliage from the shrub and its surrounding area, and snip off any dead canes. More about pruning roses

Old blossoms should also be snipped off the bush in order to make space for the next season’s new blossoms.

When planting floribunda rose bushes; check some facts for planting roses here.


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Growing Grandiflora Roses

Enjoy the Grandiflora Roses

IMG_0840_With Grandi floras, you can enjoy flower blooms that are strong, sturdy and offer a stunning amount of visual appeal. The canes of these roses can grow as tall as 3-10 feet, depending upon the variety.

During the flowering season, there are numerous clusters of roses that appear. In most instance,s these clusters will each contain 5-7 blooms. Even with their outstanding height Grandiflora roses usually maintain a tidy, round silhouette.

These are fragrant flowers that require very little pruning and do not tend to outgrow their allotted garden space.

 Basic Tips for Proper Care of Grandiflora roses

Grandiflora roses offer an ideal combination of the traits seen in roses of the hybrid tea and floribunda varieties. Indeed, these grand and magnificent flowers produce a unique display of the best traits that are so desirable in both of their ancestral species.

For individuals who enjoy the beauty of roses plants such as the Grandiflora varieties are a good choice for most garden settings. They are hardy in zones 5-9, and are treasured for their ability to withstand chilly winter weather.

A Grandiflora will need a minimum of 6-8 hours of full sunlight on a daily basis.This is why you have to plant them in an area that is open to the light and free from unnecessary shading.

If you must choose an area of your yard with partial shade try to give the roses as much morning sun as possible and limit the hours of exposure to the harsh, hot afternoon light. You can find some species of Grandiflora roses that will thrive in the most extreme conditions, but most will appreciate a little relief from the afternoon sun.

You should always make sure that Grandiflora roses are placed in soil that has a soil with a fairly neutral acidity. Look for the pH to read between 6.8-7.2. Amend the soil as necessary so that the growing medium is fertile and quick to drain.

 Roses Plants Distance

When you are growing multiple Grandiflora roses it is a good idea to space each plant at distances of 4-6 feet. This will give the roses better air circulation, help control black spot disease and allow them enough room to grow unimpeded in your garden.

Only water Grandiflora roses as necessary. This is usually once a week, or when the ground around their roots is dry at a depth of 1-2 inches beneath the soil surface. Overwatering can increase the chance that the roses will develop root rot, wilting or black spot disease.



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How To Grow Shrub Roses


file000885873595There are lots of variations of shrubs and you can use them in many different ways in your garden! Some of the shrubs have the ability to grow quite large.

And because of their height many gardens like to use them for hedges, which give the garden a nice old-fashioned touch. These roses are also used for barriers or for ornamental purposes.

These roses can also be used as landscape fix; meaning, if you have some area or some things in the garden you want to hide, you can use one of these roses. The shrub rose are blooming a lot and will turn the eyes to itself instead of the unwanted area!

Shrub roses are wonderful roses!

One of the benefits of growing shrubs is that they do not require that much maintenance. They naturally have an ability to resist the common diseases on roses. Rose bushes are no that sensitive and can grow in various climates, which also add to the fact that shrubs are really newbie  friendly!

Benefits of growing shrubs

With other words: If you are a little bit uncertain and you wonder how to grow roses, you might try shrubs. Very easy to grow roses!

The more shrubs you plant, the more beautiful blooms you can enjoy! If you are planning some kind of event, think of the possibilities of decorate the house with your roses! It would save the convenience and cost of ordering flowers from someone else.



And more: Nothing can compare to the feeling of decoration with flowers from your own garden!

Especially they not only provide a great beauty, but also a nice and sweet fragrance! That is something great to share with your friends!

The flowers from shrub rose bushes can be used in many ways: flower arrangements, potpourris (many have a wonderful fragrance), dried flower arrangements etc. if you are talented with painting skills; paint them and hang on the wall!

Shrubs are great motifs!



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