What A Success With The Shaded Garden Area

It is not always so easy to get a shaded area looking pretty. It can be a real challenge, actually! But I found this picture and I think it is such a nice combination of plants, and also very nice colors!  If I could transform my shaded plots to become something like this, I would be happy! I will take a close look and try to discover what plants they are using; ...hosta, hydra...
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Start Growing Fresh Herbs In Your Garden Now!

The use of herbs has a long history. They are mentioned in old documents like the Bible! Use Of Herbs And Spices Growing your own herbs is very beneficial for many reasons. You can season your food with all the lovely herbs, you can make your own tea and use it for medical purposes. Some of the herbs can be uses as pest controls in the garden and if you dry them they a...
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Growing Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses - Floral Beauty Floribunda roses, a group of garden roses, are the horticultural product of a cross-breeding between the hybrid tea rose and the polyantha rose. They are desirable because they bloom with profusion like that of polyanthas, but a floral beauty and color range like that of hybrid teas. Floribundas typically have shrub bases that are sti...
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Growing Grandiflora Roses

Enjoy the Grandiflora Roses With Grandi floras, you can enjoy flower blooms that are strong, sturdy and offer a stunning amount of visual appeal. The canes of these roses can grow as tall as 3-10 feet, depending upon the variety. During the flowering season, there are numerous clusters of roses that appear. In most instance,s these clusters will each contain 5-7 blooms. Eve...
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How To Grow Shrub Roses

  There are lots of variations of shrubs and you can use them in many different ways in your garden! Some of the shrubs have the ability to grow quite large. And because of their height many gardens like to use them for hedges, which give the garden a nice old-fashioned touch. These roses are also used for barriers or for ornamental purposes. These roses can also ...
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How To Grow Climbing Roses In Your Garden!

Maybe you like so many of us are interested in how to grow climbing roses! Climbing roses are so beautiful! They make such an impact on the viewer while blooming with hundreds and hundreds of flowers hanging over fences or wherever they are planted. If you want to grow your own climbing roses you can choose to purchase a trellis or an arbor to give them a suitable place t...
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Avoid Rose Pests

The Rose Pests Challenge It is no secret that growing roses sometimes can be a challenge, and the problem with rose pests might be that what gardens fear the most. // But even though insects and mites may attack our roses from time to time, it is still possible to maintain healthy and vigorous plants in the garden, without using too much of insecticides. For us as ga...
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Growing Favorite Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses - Most Popular Roses! These lovely roses are the world’s most popular type of roses due to their color and form. The hybrid tea roses names are often very interesting; many of them have been named after celebrities like Bing Crosby and Princess Diana. Each flower is usually situated alone at the end of a long stem, which makes them popular for cut fl...
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Pruning Rose Bushes

Before you go cutting the canes, a good idea is to soak your pruning shears in water and bleach, equal parts of both. Since roses are sensitive to diseases, this procedure will help prevent sicknesses and insects to spread. When To Prune Rose Bushes Best time pruning rose bushes are in the spring. A good time is right after the snow has disappeared and just before the new lea...
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Types of Roses – Video

Troy Marden talks roses from climbers to miniatures to hybrid teas on a visit to a bloom-filled rose garden in Hendersonville. Troy's segment talked about the following rose varieties: Climbers: 'New Dawn', 'Don Juan', 'Jeanne Lajoie' Hybrid Teas: 'Gemini' 'Dublin', 'Signature' Miniatures: 'Gizmo', 'Autumn Splendor' Shrubs: 'Sunrise, Sunset', 'Home Run'
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