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A Gardener’s Guide to Growing Roses

Discover how easy rose gardening can be!

Learn simple techniques for planting, pruning, pest control and more for your healthiest, most beautiful roses yet.

In this class, the rose expert Paul Zimmerman will guide you how to create a beautiful rose garden at home. He will cover everything from how to shop the best roses, prepare the soil and to actually plant them. You will also learn about pruning and grooming and give you great advice on how to treat rose diseases and much more. This class will help you in many ways when growing your own roses!

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Click here to join A gardener’s guide to Growing Roses!

The Class includes:

  • 8 Streaming HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • Class materials
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers to student questions from instructor, Paul Zimmerman

The Lessons:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding & Choosing Roses
  3. Seasonal Care & Soil
  4. Planting
  5. Feeding & Watering
  6. Pruning Roses
  7. Maintaining Rose Health
  8. Bonus: Planning for Winter

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