Bird Baths

We all know that the birds love to take baths and many believe they need to do that for maintenance of their feathers. So why not give them the opportunity in your garden….they will be spending time in your backyard, freshening themselves up while you can watch and enjoy them!

Here you can find some great bird baths:

Burley Clay Zanesville Bird Bath
by Birds Choice 

Burley Clay Handpainted Bluebird Bird Bath
by Birds Choice


Sunflower Bird Bath by Oakland Living

Sunrise Glass Bird Bath with Stand
by Evergreen Enterprises, Inc


Vintage Floral Birdbath
by Innova Hearth and Home

Golden Flower Bird Bath with Stand
by Evergreen Enterprises, Inc

The Love of Having Bird Baths in the Garden

Bird baths in the garden is a must have for me because one of the benefits of having a garden (amongst hundreds of other advantages...) is that the flowers and bushes, trees and all those things we have planted, also attracts the birds. If you have a garden, you most likely have a vibrant birdlife around your house!

In the spring it is usually very noisy in the garden...the birds are so active making new birds and taking care of them. They find small branches, sticks and other things to build their nests, and they constantly pick the ground for seeds. In the summer, there are a lot quieter even if the birds are still there. In the winter time, we are busy to feed them all the kinds of seeds they need.

Sometimes I feel like my garden is like a hotel for all these lovely birds, and I like that. That is also why I want to give them several bird baths so they can clean themselves and freshen up whenever they like!


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