Bird Feeders

I am sure you love having birds coming to your garden. One way of making them come is of course to feed them. The greatest benefit is obviously to enjoy their company. If you are adding bird feeders to your backyard you will attract more bird, more species that you can watch from your window!

Here you can find some great bird feeders:

Sky Cafe Hopper Bird Feeder by Arundale

Deluxe Gazebo Hopper Bird Feeder by Trixie

Wayfair Basics Cottage Suet Bird Feeder House by Wayfair Basics

Owl Decorative Bird Feeder by Evergreen Flag & Garden

 Hummingbird Feeder by Schrodt

Chickadee Bird Feeder by Birch Lane


Panorama Tube Bird Feeder by Perky Pet

Sunflower Decorative Bird Feeder by Evergreen Flag & Garden


Stop a Squirrel Hopper Bird Feeder by Homestead/Gardner

Coneflower Decorative Bird Feeder by Desert Steel

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