Cottage Garden Roses

I love those pictures showing beautiful cottage gardens. When I look at them I dream myself away, thinking that maybe my garden one day will look just that gorgeous, with every flower and every asset placed in perfect place…. (I...

So beautiful garden!

Sometimes it looks just perfect….I love this idyllic garden…! I can almost feel the fragrance … and all the flowers…on the tree, on the shrubs and the perennials…it is absolutely amazing! The slope make it even more magnificent! Image link

Roses Wants Company

Sometimes we forget that roses will look even more beautiful together with some blooming friends. Like this lovely pair in the picture below. Are the not just adorable together? The Clematis “Nelly Moser” is a very common perennial climber and...

Beautiful Garden Design

This garden looks calm and peaceful…a perfect place to sit and relax after a long days hard work….     Student project from “Transform Your Garden Design” – Craftsy Garden Class. Join Here  Found on: