Choose The Right Types of Roses

As you know there are many, many types of roses to choose from when planting your rose garden; that is why you need to sit down for a while and plan it very well.

All the different kinds need to be treated in different ways. For example; there are scrub roses that are very easy to take care of, polyanthus roses that are known for being hardy, climbing roses that need a wall or something to climb on, and English roses that got to have some extra attention, etc, etc!


Here are some few things to consider when choosing plants:

Choosing color of roses:

To choose the right colors for your garden, is important. You can find red, pink, yellow, white and apricot colored roses, and all variations in between! With other words, there are lots and lots of colors to choose from! You even can find roses with several colors on the same flower!

Think it through; what colors are the best for your garden, and which colors do you like the most? The rose plant will stick around your house for years so you better love the color!

Also, consider when choosing a color on your roses what color there is close to you planting area. Are you going to have climbing roses at your house wall you have to choose a color that fits the color of the wall; for example; a good choice would be a light colored flower on a dark wall and vice versa.

Avoid mixing single roses of several types or colors, since it will feel kind of messy. If you want different types of roses in your garden, it will often look best if you let each sort, or color be planted together.

If you are going to have other kinds of flowers together with your rose, like ground flowers (which is very beautiful) you might think about those colors also while planning your rose garden.

The Height of Roses Is Important

You also need to think about which height you want the roses to have since that also differs a lot. If you want roses as a background somewhere; these Rose bushes, of course, need to be higher then the rest of the plants in your garden.

Or maybe you would love to make a rose bed with different colors and different heights. Everything is possible; just think it through and plan well before buying!

Temperature and placement

Depending on the area you live in, you might need to think about if the roses of your choice are hardy and will survive the winters. Every rose is unique. There are rose shrubs that will not manage the cold and there are roses that need more sun than others to bloom properly. Most roses though need at least six hours of sunlight. They have all information you need about the particular plant you want at the garden center!

Many varieties of roses

There are many types of roses that you can get to your garden. Some are easier to grow than others, but all are worth trying. Everything is a question about how much effort you want to put into your project!

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