Cottage Garden Roses

I love those pictures showing beautiful cottage gardens. When I look at them I dream myself away, thinking that maybe my garden one day will look just that gorgeous, with every flower and every asset placed in perfect place…. (I wonder how many days a year that the garden actually looks like it does on that perfect picture? One, two or maybe even a whole week..? ) Actually it does not matter if I ever get the perfect garden here on earth. I love to dream about it as much as actually getting it finished!

And, have you noticed…. it is almost like there is no cottage cozy garden without roses. Roses create such a romantic beauty….It is so lovely…..with some help from peonies, lavender, and some other absolutely adorable garden flowers!


Lovely setting^: The beauty of snug planting. Discourages weeds, too.:
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c64b00eb870ff8992cc1394f320b1e6d Cottage garden More:
Pretty Cottage | Shabby Chic Mania by Grazia Maiolino: Garden Whimsy Cottage Garden Inspiration- pink roses, white daisies, lamb's…:


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