DIY Garden Fence Ideas

Garden fence ideas with flowers

Garden fence ideas with flowers

I am just now in the mood of finding some DIY fence ideas that I can put in my garden, I want it to be simple and cheap and not these fancy fences that you can buy in the garden center. And what better to find some cool ideas then check the internet…there is no end of ideas and I get so inspired!

Here are some of the ideas I found:

Garden Wall

This flower wall is so beautiful…have always wanted to make something like this in my little
garden…have seen this kind of arrangement in a nearby city and it is terrific.
To plant vertical is genius if you don’t have a lot of space!

Garden fence ideas with flowersImage

This privacy screen I like a lot of since I love climbing plants. Here they have used Ivy I think, (the image is a little bit blurry)
but I am sure you can use all kinds of climbing plants for this, even climbing roses would be lovely here!


This arrangement would be perfect if you already have a hedge but want to lighten it up with some decoration,
or you have some not so nice spots that you want to cover.
I think this is a beautiful arrangement that instantly will create an eye catcher in your garden!




Amazing Garden Wall


Living Fences For The Garden

A living fence is a permanent hedge tight enough and tough enough to serve almost any of the functions of a manufactured fence. But there are other benefits with living fences that others can’t offer such as being habitat for insects, spiders, and other necessary living creatures. It can also provide animals with foods and more.


I have not yet decided what I will use for my own project, but I am tempted to make a living fence. I have never tried that before so it would be fun to give it a try. We’ll see….

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