Early Spring Flowering Shrubs – Soon Blooming……

Right now I am into these first early spring flowering shrubs that here use to show up at the beginning of April and later. Lovely bushes that are blooming before the leaves show up. It is such a wonderful scenery, it is like new life is coming up from death…Take for example the blooming shrub called “forsythia”, a lovely shrub that blooms with yellow flowers on bare branches, and lit the garden up, like telling us that soon the winter will loose its grip, spring is here and soon the summer and the warmth will come! No wonder you love the forsythia shrub!

Forsythia –  One of the Most Popular Early Spring Flowering ShrubsForsythia - early spring flowering shrubs

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I remember when I was a little girl, how I was waiting for that large bush to show its yellow buds in the spring. I found it soo exciting to see it explode with that yellow color!

One other exciting and spectacular spring-blooming bush is the Witch Hazel. This bush also bloom on the leafless branches, but with flowers that have red base a softer yellow tone than the forsythia. And the fragrance from this bush is lovely!

A Beautiful Spring Flowering Bush – The Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel Bush

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Well, I am still waiting for spring to arrive in this part of the world (Northern Europe)….but still I have not yet seen any sign of some spring bulbs, which should be the first flower showing up, even before the early spring flowering bushes. Oh, wrong I saw some yellow buds from winter aconite slowly arise beside a house wall in the city the other day, but that’s about it. In my garden, all flowers are still frozen, frozen….

But, you can’t get depressed about that, can you …you just have to wait a little bit longer, and during the time indulge yourself with pictures of a blooming spring garden!

The Common Lilac Shrub

So let’s wait for another favorite spring classic; the spring flowering bush that might be the one I love the most.  I have a large hedge with Lilacs in my garden, that gives tons of blooms a little bit into the spring time. My hedge is an old one so it is high and very generous with flowers.

If you have a lilac in your garden it is very easy to make your own spring bouquet to put on the table somewhere indoors. The flowers have a lovely fragrance and give such a great feeling of freshness and beauty. With lilacs on the table, you just know that the summer is coming and I know no better feeling than that!

  Lilac, Tiny Dancer™, , large lilac
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