Flower Carpet Rose

_DSC2004Flower carpet rose – great for you walkway

If you are interested in having a stunning rose garden with lots of flowers, and you want is as fast as possible (do we not always want things to go fast nowadays) , then I suggest creating a garden with carpet roses would be for you! The flower carpet rose can transform every area in your garden from being dull and grey, to being a jaw-dropping garden!

Carpet Rose Plants

Planting carpet roses that are spreading wide in no time add some real class and beauty to a garden. The mass planting is really a way of creating drama where ever you plant them! It will be noticed even by those not so fanatic about gardens!


Carpet Roses Care

Many consider the flower carpet rose to be a must have a modern rose! Those roses produce masses of flowers all season long. There can be thousands of flowers on one plant and they will spread gladly. A rose plant like this can be up to 2-3 feet tall! Those types of roses are very easy to grow and care for. The very big benefit with carpet roses is the easy pruning – they do not need any fancy kind of pruning, you can just cut them without thinking about those things usual for roses. One other benefit is that they are great disease resistant. You will most likely not have problems with those other common rose diseases like black spot etc.

How to plant carpet roses:

First of all you should select a location. It could be along the walkway, in a rose bed in your backyard, together with other plants or even as you will read later on; in a container!

Then; look at the plant to see that it is properly watered. If it is dry, water it before you plant it.

Then mark the spots you will place the roses and dig holes for the plant. Make it both wider and deeper than the pot and add rich, well-drained soil.

Give the roses food! They need good nutrients to be able to bloom! And those kinds of flowers are really “hungry”. You might also plant the carpet rose in a container. Just make sure that the container is big enough.

Why not try to plant the flower carpet rose under a stem plant in a container. It will look just great!

12 Easy Ways to Landscape Using Flower Carpet Roses


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