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Whimsical Garden Decor for a Charming Area



Lounging outside in the yard on a beautiful day is one of the most relaxing things you can do as a homeowner. The allure of a pretty garden with fresh flowers, stately shrubbery, and manicured lawns is a very calming experience. However, plantings are not the only concern when thinking about the overall look of your landscape. Careful attention should be paid to the garden decor which includes furniture, statues, and various decorative items.

Garden Furniture

When it comes to placing furniture in your own, personal, garden oasis, functionality isn’t the only concern. Of course, it’s important to have comfortable seating and lounging pieces that will fit your lifestyle, but it’s also crucial to keep in mind the overall look and style you are trying to achieve.

A beautifully whimsical garden will include furniture pieces that compliment the area and tie in with various color choices throughout the space. A beautiful wrought iron bench surrounded by cascading dreams of flowering plants, for example, will set the stage for a cottage-like feel. Or a table setting for two made of weathered iron set among a patio of evergreens will give the illusion of a private getaway spot.

Furniture types are endless with regard to garden decor. It’s important to consider the outdoor elements when choosing pieces as exposure to rain, sun, and wind are inevitable. Materials such as iron, wicker, and weatherproofed wood will work best, but if the furniture will sit in a covered area other materials are options as well. With today’s quaint styles, furniture doesn’t have to look perfect. Rusted metal and shabby chic wood are all the rave, so experiment with furniture pieces when creating your design. Don’t be afraid to include pieces that aren’t straight-from-the-factory perfect.

Garden Statues

garden statues

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Another idea to incorporate a fun style into the garden is through the use of statues. Including a statue will create a distinct focal point and add a great deal of charm and style.

Statues can take the form of solid sculptures or can include a water feature or fountain. These items must be carefully planned with regard to placement, and the various plantings around the feature should be designed to enhance, not distract from, the overall ambiance of the piece.

Flowers and shrubbery immediately around the statue should be low for a while, further, out you may want to plant a large tree or erect a shade structure.

The idea is to provide a visually appealing area that may be enjoyed without having to look through tall trees or plants. The statue should be the center of attention upon entrance into the garden and should draw visitors in to relax and enjoy.

Garden Decor – Other Decorative Items

One of the smallest, yet possibly the most important, aspect of garden decoration is overall decorative items. These are specialty pieces that are placed throughout the garden to give it that homey feel. For example, outdoor rugs, hanging lanterns, or urns and pottery are all items that can be added to increase the mood of the yard. This area is usually where particular splashes of color are brought into the garden to pull together the character of the space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color by spray painting an old lantern or flower pot with a bright blue or yellow color. It is only painted and you can repaint it if it doesn’t fit the overall design. 

Marble Garden Globe - DIY this with some E-6000 adhesive, an old thrift store bowling ball, marbles, and a lot of time.:

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Often overlooked, decorative items can add beautiful color and exquisite style that is the finishing touch to any outdoor space.

The outdoor living space of your home should be a tranquil, relaxing area to be enjoyed at all times of the year. Designing an appropriate place to enjoy the outdoors includes choosing furniture, focal-point pieces, and various decorative items to enhance the overall atmosphere, and create a mood that is both delightful and inspiring for all that visit. Choosing pieces that are whimsical and unexpected will not only create a relaxing oasis but will have guests excited to visit and sad to leave.


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