Some Garden Ideas for Small Gardens

garden ideas for small gardensWhen it comes to designing a garden, there are a number of different ideas and tips you can use to create a space that is truly unique and personalized to your own style and taste.

If you aren’t sure where to start, check out some of the designs for small gardens below to help you get started.

Once you have a chance to look through these garden ideas for small gardens, you will understand just how fun it can be to create and design your own space.

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Designs For Small Gardens

Mailbox small gardens can add a big impact to you small space. It provides you with a chance to use tougher plants that are able to withstand some of the harsher growing conditions that surround your mailbox. Small garden plants can be included here without having to worry about them blocking off your view of the driveway.

Lush woodlands gardens allow you to fill a small 5×6 foot space in your yard with beautiful color. Incorporate ferns that will look amazing from the spring all the way through the fall, as well as a bleeding heart and that of a foamflower to complete the look.


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Add a little sizzle and flair to your summer with bold colors of red, yellow, orange and purple in a small 5×6 foot space. Incorporate tough plants like yarrows, daylilies, sedums and more. You can rest assured that this border is going to look fabulous, regardless of how hot it gets.

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Now, you can transform a shady 23×11 section of your yard into a bursting array of color with this gorgeous small garden design. It provides you with seasons of blooms from the bleeding heart for the spring months to the ligularia during the summer months and the anemones throughout the fall.

Romantic Garden Ideas

If you want a soft, romantic space, you can use a section of your yard and fill it with scented roses, easy-care daylilies and cheery daisies in a small 6×6 space. The aforementioned varieties are able to withstand drought and countless other weather conditions that other plants aren’t able to hold up to. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful blooms from the comfort of your backyard.

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