Growing Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses – Floral Beauty

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Floribunda roses, a group of garden roses, are the horticultural product of a cross-breeding between the hybrid tea rose and the polyantha rose.

They are desirable because they bloom with profusion like that of polyanthas, but a floral beauty and color range like that of hybrid teas.

Floribundas typically have shrub bases that are stiff, and more small and bushy than a typical hybrid tea rose bush, but not quite as thickly composed and widely spread as a typical polyantha rose bush.

 Floribunda Rose Facts

Floribunda roses are generally not as large as the flowers of their parent plants but tend to grow in large groupings, which give a nice floral effect for a garden. This makes floribunda rose planting very popular in public parks and gardens. These roses appear in all the color varieties of its parent plants and have a basic shape that is like that of the tea rose.

Pruning Floribunda Roses

This type of rose is vigorous and hardy, and should be pruned towards the end of the winter season. For many gardeners in the Northern Hemisphere, this is January or February.

In order to prune a floribunda rose plant; remove debris and dead foliage from the shrub and its surrounding area, and snip off any dead canes. More about pruning roses

Old blossoms should also be snipped off the bush in order to make space for the next season’s new blossoms.

When planting floribunda rose bushes; check some facts for planting roses here.


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