Growing Fresh Herbs In Your Garden Now!

Growing Fresh Herbs

The use of herbs has a long history. They are even mentioned in old documents like the Bible!


Use Of Herbs And Spices

Growing fresh herbs is very beneficial for many reasons. You can season your food with all the lovely herbs, you can make your own tea and use it for medical purposes.

Some of the herbs can be uses as pest controls in the garden and if you dry them they are excellent in any potpourri! Some people love to make their own specific herb garden while other mix their herbs with flowers and other plants in the garden. If you have no garden, planting herbs on the balcony or even indoors (why not place some plants in the kitchen window…?) are great ways of growing fresh herbs!

If you plan to have a herb garden at home, a plot of four-five feet by six feet should be large enough to support a small family. It is so great to cook using these lovely herbs that will make you so creative in the kitchen! Your culinary skills will hit the roof with all the variations you can get using herbs on a daily basis. Use them fresh or dried – they will always give something extra to the flavor of your dishes or as a garnish for the plate or on your favorite salad.

Herbs grow in different shapes and heights. There are herb perennials and annuals, you can find herb shrubs and even trees. An overall rule you should plant the herb plant in well-drained soil. Add some organic materials if you find your soil too compact.

Plant Herbs in Pots

Most herbs love to grow in a sunny spot in your garden, but there are some of the herbs that prefer the shadowed area. If you do not want to plant your herbs on the ground in an ordinary plant bed, you can plant them in pots. That is a great way of growing herbs since there will be almost no weed for you to take care of, just the joy of seeing the plants grow. Just remember that you need to water the potted plants more often since the pots get’s dried out more quickly.


When growing your herbs, you will find that most of the herb are very resistant to diseases and insects. If the weather is very hot you might have some problem with red spider mites on some of the plants like anise and fennel, otherwise, herbs use to grow without problems.

Growing Fresh Herbs From Seeds

If you want you can grow your herb plants from seeds. Just feel the joy of seeing the seed grow from a tiny, tiny little seed to a beautiful, fragrant plant! To follow this process gives an extra dimension to your herb growing! It is so rewarding and I assure you that it will give you a great feeling when you are using the herbs later in the summer!


Almost all herbs can be grown from a seed, and the best way of doing it is to place the seed in a small pot with very light soil, late in the winter or very early in the spring. As a basic rule you should place the seed very shallow, otherwise it will not grow. When you get the seedling, you can plant it outdoors in the spring. Be sure that it is not too early….they are a little bit sensitive in the beginning.


Some of the herbs like dill and coriander are doing better being planted directly into the garden.


Growing herbs are so rewarding, so why not take a look at your garden and find a great spot for your own herb garden now!

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