Growing Herbs in Pots

I love growing herbs. They are often easy to grow and they are both beautiful and useful. One other good thing is that you can grow your herbs both indoors and outdoors, which gives us a variety of opportunities to arrange them the way we like it.

If you are a pot lover…like I am you can grow herbs in all kinds of pots or containers. Be creative and use the kind of pots that fits your style. I have a garden that you would call a country garden or cottage garden, so I choose to grow herbs (and flowers..) in all kinds of things. An old casserole, bucket or milk can is perfect. Or you can buy some nice pots in the garden center and make a beautiful arrangement

You can also grow herbs in window boxes or hanging basket which is lovely. Why not have some herbs in the kitchen window…it is so convenient to just stretch your hand out while you cook your food!

There are three main things that herbs need in order to grow successfully; sunlight, soil, and water. Sunlight is key to growing any type of plant and growing herbs are no exception. If you are growing the herbs indoors, the best place is in a room in a south or west facing the window to get the best kind of sunlight.

Different types of herbs have different light requirements but, for the most part, all need a sunny location.

If you have small windows or if the sun does not reach your house for some reason, you supplement the light source with “grow lamps” or fluorescent lamps.

The soil does not need a too rich soil to grow, but it must be well-drained. Like most plants, they do not like wet feet! Add two parts of sterilized potting soil with one part coarse sand or perlite for herbs that are grown in containers. You can also use about an inch of gravel at the bottom of each pot to ensure that the plant has good drainage.

The plants need water but do not drown them. Misting the plants and moistening the pebbles will help to keep the herbs within humid conditions. Since they are being grown in containers they do need to have more water then herbs that are grown in a garden but not too much.

I love growing herbs in containers since I can move them around as I please. That goes for the outside pots also. If you are really ambitious or you have a garden with a lot of shadows, you can move the plants to give them more sunlight if you like.


Annual herbs can spend all of their time indoors but, perennial herbs do better if they were to be placed outside. You can bring the perennial pots inside before frost if you like, or you can keep them outside and let them rest until next spring. But if you choose to have them outside, remember to cover them for the winter. Potted plants are more sensitive to cold that plants that are planted in the ground. You can use old leaves to cover the pot, or some other warming and protective material.

All herbs can be grown in containers but some herbs do better than others. Mint is an herb that needs to be contained or it will take over the garden. Believe me, that is true! If the mint like the place they are planted, you will soon be overloaded with mint plants!

Remember to also include periodic light feeding and yearly repotting for optimum health of the herbs. And use the herbs a lot. The more you harvest the more it will grow. It is no secret that pruning plants encourage new growth. This rule also applies to herbs. So use them in your recipes, store them and give them away to friends.

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