Grow Your Roses In Pots

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Growing roses in pots are both fun and easy. And convenient! And most roses can be grown successfully in pots.

There are some things to think of though while growing roses in a container. For example; you must water it more frequently – a pot dries up must faster.


How To Grow Roses In Containers

Large Containers

When planting roses in containers; keep in mind that the roots are growing quickly. That means that the roots may get tangled if the container is too small. So choose a large pot. (If you need to move the plant, and are afraid it will be too heavy, there are solutions with pots on wheels or small platforms with wheels to put the container.)
Sometimes they will also outgrow their containers. If the is the case you just give them a larger home. Provide the rose with at least two sizes up from the previous one.

Don’t forget good drainage

For roses growing in pots you first need to make layer drainage in the bottom of the pot; place about one inch deep or more of gravel or other medium sized rocks in the bottom of your pot. You might also use grass clipping, leaf clipping or whatever you have that can give some air to the plant.

Good soil is very important!

When you grow roses like this you need a good soil. (You always need good soil when planting flowers of course!) But it is really important while growing roses in pots. Best is to combine commercial potting soil with well-aged compost from your garden. Also add some composted manure.

Feed your container roses well!

Roses also like bone meal and blood meal for example. Roses are real feeders, so give them what they need and the will gladly produce wonderful flowers for you to enjoy!

Planting tips

Plant the rose so that the roots are covered, but the stem is out of the ground. It is important not to cover the stems too much; just where the roots meet the plant.
The rose plant needs oxygen and can actually die if it will be covered to high.

And as I said before: The water will stay better in a larger container. One other benefit of a large container is that the plant will manage the winter much better.

After planting your rose; fill it up with composted soil.

A rose can live a very long time like this. And they are very easy to grow roses. Just water them, feed them and place the pot where the sun shines at least six – seven hours a day! If you live in a very cold area you might need to get the plant indoors temporarily during the coldest period.

Good luck with the project of growing roses in pots!


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