Have Your Been Dreaming About Creating A Woodland In Your Garden?

Woodlands can be absolutely beautiful, I think! They are sometimes a little bit mystic and have an exciting feel. If you have an area in your garden that is shady and would fit for a woodland landscape, why not try it!

I have a place in on my property that right now is forgotten (only my dogs love it….!), but I am searching for ideas how to design that area, without too much work. I am looking for certain plants that will work well the shade in a woodland, plants such as Astilbe, Hosta, some perennial grass, Ivy and many other. I also want to find bushes and climbing plants to create the cozy,  embedded feeling of a woodland.

As I have said before…I love to dream about making changes in the garden. Dreaming is half the joy of having a garden!

This picture I found on Pinterest…it is such a lovely piece of a woodland landscape….beautiful!

 …………….. Ready For Tea - in a woodland garden by vintage 1953 & wackymoomin, via Flickr


This beautiful pic I found here: https://www.pinterest.com/dabbierose/woodland-ideas/

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