How to Grow Roses From Cuttings

IMG_5710Sometimes we want to have a new plant of a rose and we ask ourselves: How do roses grow? How can I multiply the rose? Maybe you have favorite rose in your own garden and want to have more of them. Or maybe you have visited a friend that are growing roses and you want to take one of her/his beautiful roses home…. Then taking a cutting is one way of doing it!

It is actually not hard at all so anyone can learn how to grow roses from cuttings. You know….grandma always did, remember?
There are various ways of taking rose cuttings, and we will go through some rose growing tips here:

Rose Growing Tips:

Stick the cutting in the mud:

Cut a piece of rose stem about 6 inches long. Try to cut it at 45-degree angle, so it will be a big surface that can grow.

Dip the end in a rooting hormone. (Buy at any garden center…) It helps the growing and will help the plant to be strong!

Plant your cutting in a container with high-quality soil and water it!

If you live in a mild climate – that is all you need to do!

Use a plastic bag:
If you want to help the plant some extra you can place a clear glass jar or plastic bag over the clipping. (A 2 l. plastic bottle with the bottom cut off will work perfectly!) This is an important step if the weather is cold.

With this method, it will take a couple of months for the rose stem to take root and start creating new leaves! That’s how to grow a rose…not that hard!

The best time to grow roses is in spring or early fall. If you live in a mild climate, then winter and summer can also be successful for rooting roses. Too intense summer heat is not conducive for taking cuttings, neither too cold winters.

Know you now some simple step how to grow roses from cuttings.
Now the rest is left – Go do it and enjoy a garden filled with gorgeous roses!


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