How To Prune Climbing Roses

In order to learn how to grow climbing roses, we also need to know something about training and pruning rose bushes! But do not panic! This is not as hard as many people think! It is necessary though to make the most out of the roses.

If you train the climbing rose it will bloom all the way up to the top. If not, all the roses will be at the top of the plant! And we do not want that!

A climbing rose wants to send out its long canes, but instead of letting it just hang out, we take the cane and train it into the fence. Train it horizontally and you will have nice roses along the cane. Tie it to the fence or wall with a piece of twine.

Train it during the winter time and look at the buds – everywhere you see a swelling bud it will produce great flowers.

How To Prune Climbing Roses Tutorial

Some people think it is very hard to prune the climbing roses. They might have tried just to end up with roses that wouldn’t bloom that much. But it actually is not the hard. You just need to know which cane to cut. Here are two different canes – the main one – those you will not cut that hard, and the laterals which you can prune and cut much harder, during the whole season.

In the base of the plants, you will find a lot of canes that are not good for the plant but rather steel energy from it. Those canes you need to remove. Also all dry canes – remove them! How do you do it? Watch this very informative video from Ashdown roses, they will give you some very good rose growing tips. They will show you about training and pruning rose bushes, and especially climbing roses.

Watch this video!


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