I Had No Idea It Was That Simple To Repair My Lawn!

Now and then your lawn gets damaged, and you wonder what to do about it. It is not that easy to figure out what to do and ho to solve the problem, but I found a simple guidance on how to repair lawn patches so your yard is lush and green! We all want our lawn to look healthy so read this article and I hope you will get the help you need!

 ……….. How to repair lawn patches

You want to know how to repair lawn patches so your yard can be lush and green and a joy to look at. Really, it is very simple and takes very little time. These are the easy-to-follow steps to fill in those bare spots.

It Won’t Take Long: Find Out What Went Wrong

There are a number of reasons for brown or bare areas of patchy grass. If you suspect insect damage, fungus, or mold, be sure to treat for that first, otherwise you will be fighting a losing battle……..

Step One: Prepare The Repair

Figuring out how to repair lawn patches starts with preparing your yard for success. The simplest way to take a patchy grass area and make it ready for the repair is to dig out the damaged area. Think of this lawn care as being the same as planting a new plant of any kind. Dig out all the bare area to a depth of 4 inches, and fill with a rich soil and/or compost. You want it to be loose, but not too loose and full of voids. Watering is a great way to settle the new soil without over-compacting it.

Read the rest of the article here:  http://www.world-of-lawn-care.com/how-to-repair-lawn-patches.html

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