I Think This Quote Nailed It….!

This will put a smile on your face if you are a true gardener!  Tell me; what do you need more in life than a garden…!

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That gardening is a very relaxing I think most of us agree of, even if it sometimes contains a lot of hard physical work. But it gives so much energy just to be spending time in the garden, enjoying the beauty and see the growth and the changes.

There is one thing though that can remove this relaxed feeling, and that is the inner stress we can get when we feel that we have not done enough, it is not perfect. There are always some more weeds to take care of, always a plant that is placed in the wrong place that we need to move, always something that need to get fixed. And if we are not careful gardening can end up being something stressful instead fo relaxing.

So dear gardeners, do not let all the work overwhelm you…take some time to sit down somewhere and enjoy your piece of land and feel blessed!

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