Look At This Lovely Perennial Garden Design

Perennial garden beds can be so beautiful! Look at the picture below for example…It is stunning!

But you might also think like me…Well, I could never have a garden like this, I do not have such beautiful house, and I certainly not have this lovely arbor so how can my garden look that nice?

No, I might not be able to ever have these gorgeous things, but I have a garden bed and I can plant exactly the same kind of perennial plants there if I want to! Just look at the color scheme; mild pink and blue colors with white accent color… all looking so nice together. It is absolutely doable even in my garden!

There are many advantages of having perennials since they many times are low maintenance (that is if you do not plant some invasive plants) and they are coming back, growing stronger and more beautiful year after year.

I do not know about you, but I am thinking about a new place in my garden for a nice perennial garden bed! I love dreaming!

This beautiful picture I found here:https://www.pinterest.com/pin/154529830941375801/


Year-Round Beauty: Growing a Layered Garden

from: Craftsy

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