Creating A Low Maintenance Landscape

low maintenance landscape ideasIf you are like most people today, then you must have an extremely busy and hectic schedule. You want to have a beautiful yard, but just don’t have the time to devote to the upkeep and maintenance required to keep your landscaping in its magnificent condition. This does not mean that it is not possible to have a manicured and polished yard.

There are some low maintenance landscaping ideas which you can employ to make your garden look refreshing and beautiful with minimal effort and cost.

Your landscaping should reflect your style and personality, and make your property a place that you love to spend time in.

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Practical Tips On How To Create A Low Maintenance Landscape

  1. Simple design

If you want to have a low-maintenance landscape you need to start by creating an enough allowance for plants to grow. Create a garden with even spaces for air to circulate well and also easy grass mowing. Edging or adding borders will provide a clear line between grass and the garden.

  1.  Xeriscaping Ideas

It can be costly to replace the lawns after succumbing to drought – don’t wait until drought strikes, take pre-emptive measures to change the design of your landscape. So create gardens that conserve water and are easy to maintain. Plants like ornamental grasses, sun-tolerant flowery perennials and ground covers will do well. Some types of pines, spruces and junipers are a good addition low maintenance landscaping besides also adhering to the xeriscaping concept.

  1. Selecting The Right Plants For Landscaping


Selecting the right plants is a very important step in establishing your landscape and reduces chores. It will be much easier to take care of your garden if your plan carefully. Selecting the improper plant can increase your maintenance chores through excessive pruning, extra watering and additional spraying to control insects and diseases. Evergreens are generally easier to look after than deciduous plants (less pruning, no sweeping up of leaves).

Shrub borders and ground-covering perennials are the easiest options but it is vital that you choose plants that are appropriate for the climate and soil conditions, so that they thrive when left largely to their own devices. To this end, you also need to choose plants that are not too invasive or grow too fast.

For example:

Trees and flowering or coniferous shrubs – Select slower-growing trees and shrubs to eliminate or reduce the need for pruning. Since these plants are long-term investments, make sure that they will not outgrow their space. You get the desired look and beauty with these and the aromas from shrubs is quite pleasant plus you don’t have to water them all the time.

Flowerbeds – go for ground cover plants cut down on weed development, it saves you time removing the weeds. If you would like to have a lot of flowers growing in your yard, you might want to consider planting plants that are perennials. That means they would come back every year. This would save you from having to shop for new flowers every year and also preparing the soil for planting.

Succulents and native plants – these are known for their water-holding ability even in arid conditions and also disease resistance. Succulents can be used to create a landscape feature such as a walkway border or planter that does not require frequent weeding or watering.

Moss or clover as an alternative to grass – Clover is the perfect ground cover. It is pest and weed resistant, plus it does not need frequent mowing. Moss may not necessarily be the most decorative, but it can be used as an alternative tograss in the lawn because it grows in shady spots where grass cannot


Container gardening

– If you have little or even no yard space it is easier to go for container plants because they are easier to maintain than a larger garden. Get the right size of pot because container size dictates what plant you can grow and smaller pots will not support big root plants. If you love aroma, look for some herbs, they occupy very small space, smell perfect and the fresh can be used for cooking. Oregano, rosemary, chives, sage, thyme and basil are also a fantastic choice.


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  1. Get yourself an automatic irrigation system for more convenience

One problem with landscaping is that people get too many ideas and get carried away. Now that you have some low maintenance landscaping ideas, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to lift a finger. You need to tend to your gardens regularly.

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A simple landscape design and low-maintenance plants can reduce the amount of effort and time you have to put into maintaining your yard.

Natural Landscaping

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