Needed: Rose Fertilizer!

Using Rose fertilizer is important.

If you want to see a lot of flowers and strong healthy rose plants, you need to give them some “rose food”! Yes, that’s what fertilizer is! Good nutrition that gives the plants all they need to bloom.

That is one of the main important things to remember when start knowing how to grow a rose! When the roses bloom and show the best side of themselves they will give you many lovely moments in the garden!

Some fertilizing rules:

The first time in the year you give rose fertilizer is in the early spring. Then continue to give them once a month until the end of summer. Do not give fertilizer in the autumn or winter.

If you recently planted your rose, don’t add fertilizer until after the first blooming.

Buy a fertilizer that includes nitrogen. The easiest way is to buy special rose fertilizer, but just make sure that there is nitrogen in it. (Nitrogen gives energy to the whole plant and will help the plant producing lots of flowers.)

Do not forget to water your roses heavily before fertilizing.

You might also add some compost to strengthen your soil. Do that not more than twice a year, spring and summer.

Do not jump this part! It is easy done and it goes fast, and the result is beautifully blooming roses! To give some is one of the most rewarding thing you can do growing roses in your garden!


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