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New Dawn Climbing Rose

The New Dawn climbing rose is one of my favorite roses! I love it for many reasons, but maybe the greatest reason is the large amount of the most wonderful pink flowers that appear all over the plant. It is absolutely breathe taking watching this scenario! It gives my garden entry a romantic and nostalgic touch! If you ever watched an old movie with small beautiful cottage house, they often had those climbing roses over the porch or veranda!


But I also love this plant because of the fragrance. The plant produces an absolutely lovely perfume that contributes very much to the romantic feeling!

I saw it on Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

Climbing Roses For Sale Online – Iceberg Trees | Nature Hills Nursery


How To Grow Climbing Roses

The New Dawn climbing rose is upon all this also very easy to grow! What more can you ask of a rose! It takes only small efforts to take care of the rose but gives great reward when it is blooming!

If you ever wondered how to grow climbing roses and if you would succeed, I will encourage you try New Dawn! You will get hooked on climbing roses, I believe!

New Dawn climbing rose useful facts:

The New Dawn rose produces a lot of flowers all over the plant. No wonder this is one of the world’s most popular climbing rose! It blooms all season, even though it has its most glorious season in the spring.

In order to grow the plant you need to think about giving the plant enough room to grow – it grows quickly and can give long arching canes of more the 25 feet!

The colors of the flowers are nice, creamy pink and the fragrance just as sweet as a dream….

The flowers appear in cluster or single.

The New Dawn is healthy and very resistant to diseases, and most likely you do not need to spray them.

You can plant them in Zones 5-10


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