Pergola Designs – Find the Right Ones for Your Garden

Pergola Designs


When it comes to Pergola designs, virtually the only limitations are your own imagination. They come in so many different shapes and sizes and they can even be made out of different materials.

Many people have a desire to create the perfect garden in their backyard.  It can be used as a space to enjoy a time spent with nature as well as to get away from the hustle and bustle of the household for a while. In fact, many spend a great deal of time planning out all of the intricate details about their garden so they can have that perfect space that gives them solace by simply walking out of their back door. One of the things that many people love is Pergolas.


If you want a smaller pergola that serves as an entryway to your garden, you may want to focus on the types of materials that you want to use.  It can be a simple wooden one or a designed pergola, or one made of steel. However, it is also possible to have a very large pergola that covers a long section of the garden, perhaps connecting two sections together. Many people get very creative with their pergola ideas and choose to incorporate pergolas that cover foot bridges, arching over small koi-filled ponds. There is virtually nothing that you cannot do with Pergola designs. Choosing the right design will help you bring your vision for the perfect garden together.

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Pergola Designs at Your Own Taste

One of the things that you want to consider when it comes to building a Pergola is the type of design that you want. What type of wood do you want it to be constructed from? Your decision might be largely impacted by the color that you want the Pergola to be when it is finished. For example, you can choose cedar or some other type of wood, allowing you to create a design that ranges from a very pale color to a rich red color. There is virtually everything in between available to you. The decision will be whether or not you want to leave openings at the top of the structure or close the top off completely. This is largely a personal preference, so the decision is really entirely up to you.

You can easily find all kinds of pergolas online.You can find modern pergolas with clean minimalistic design as well as classic ornamental ones, or you can make a simple more cottage like an entry or pergola path.  Here is really where you can get creative and make your garden personal. Choose what you like and what fits into your own garden area.

Plants for Pergola

Finally, you will want to decide what types of plants you want to use. Most people decide to use something that grows quickly, yet can be easily maintained and controlled. It is important to note that you can incorporate more than one type of plant. For instance, you can plant a vine that will quickly cover the entire Pergola, turning it into a lush, green paradise. You can then incorporate a number of colorful plants that are in decorative pots along the pathway of the Pergola, adding a bright pop of color in every corner.

The different Pergola designs that are available mean that you can create almost anything you want. That in turn, gives you the chance to turn a rather dull pathway into a beautiful design that leads directly into your little piece of paradise.

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