Plant Potted Roses

How To plant potted rosesHow to plant a rose using potted roses

Buying roses planted in a pot is very convenient. It is easy to plant and the risk for the plant to be dehydrated is not so big. Here come some simple instructions:

How to plant a rose:

Find a spot for your rose that gets at least six hours of full sun. This might be the most important of all our rose growing tips! Everyone that has tried growing roses in the shadow somewhere knows that this is crucial!

Choose your roses well when you buy it. It’s better if your rose has no flowers on it since you want the plant to divert its energy into getting established. It feels hard, but the best is to trim off the flowers when you are planting roses!

When you dig the hole, make enough room for the plant; make even extra space for the roots to grow. A depth of 2 feet or more is suggested.

Common  Rose planting tips:

When you try to take the plant out of the pot, it can sometimes be tricky, but if you work with the pot a little, it will come out.

Break up some of the old dirt so the plant will get oxygen. Then the rose plant will grow better.

Put the plant in the hole and cover it with rich, well-drained soil. Some people are asking: how will roses grow? One simple answer is; Good nutrients – soil and compost! You could work in several spades full of compost into the planting hole!

Cover all the roots well and position it so the soil level of the rose matches the soil level of the surrounding soil.

Those are some simple steps on how to plant a rose!

When to plant:

• Plant container roses in the spring after all danger of frost has passed. In warmer parts of the country, you can plant in early autumn once the weather has cooled slightly.

How to plant a rose – bare rooted


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