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Pruning Rose Bushes

Pruning rosesBefore you go cutting the canes, a good idea is to soak your pruning shears in water and bleach, equal parts of both. Since roses are sensitive to diseases, this procedure will help prevent sicknesses and insects to spread.

When To Prune Rose Bushes

Best time pruning rose bushes are in the spring. A good time is right after the snow has disappeared and just before the new leaves are coming on the trees in the garden, and while the buds are swelled on the bushes.

Use a smaller hand shear when cutting the small branches. A big one will just make it complicated. If you need to cut some thicker cane, you might have to use a lopper.

How To Prune Rose Bushes

You want to help the plant breath by cutting the branches that are overlapping each other. The air needs to be able to circulate inside the plant, that way many diseases will be prevented.

Cut all dead and black wood first. Keep about five branches that are dark green and looking healthy; by doing that you will create a great base for the plant. Cut the branches to about four feet long.

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More Tips How To Prune Roses

* Always use sharp and clean bypass pruners.

* Use for example “Elmer’s glue” for sealing your rose cuts. By doing that you will also prevent diseases on your plant.

* Shape your bushes as they grow. The Rose bushes will look beautiful if you prune with some symmetry. Take a step back while pruning and watch the bush for best result!

* Remove cross branches; they will only make trouble to your roses.

About Pruning Tools:

There are two types of pruners you can choose from. One is the anvil pruner; they have blades that meet on top of each other. The other type is bypass pruner. They have blades that pass each
other, they work like a scissor. Use the bypass pruners to avoid crushing the canes while cutting.

Loppers are needed for the old, thick canes that are too strong for the smaller pruners. No need to use them for thinner branches.

It is a good idea to use a good pair of leather gloves while working in the rose garden. The rose thorns can be really nasty! Use those with big cuffs that will protect your wrists and hands while working with and pruning the rosebushes.

New Orleans Botanical Garden,

Pruning Your Rose Bushes Getting ready for spring can be made easier by preparing before winter sets in.  Once spring begins you will have less to do as far as cleaning up old foliage.

Spring has Sprung Preparing and Pruning Rose


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