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Spring Flowers – I am Longing So Very Much!

Here in the northern part of Europe where I live, we still have winter but are eagerly waiting for the spring to come. Waiting for spring and my spring flowers!

I know it is far too early to be looking for snowdrops and other bulbs, but you can always hope, right..?


Spring Pansies in January

There have been years before when we have seen our spring plants show up very, very early, like blooming plants of the pansy in the middle of January…but that is so very unusual! (Actually, I thought I was dreaming when I passed a farmhouse and on a big area outside the house, the pansies were blooming in January…) But, that year with did not get hardly any real cold temperature.

spring flowers - pansy


Sleepy Spring Flowers

So now, in early February all my spring flowers are sleeping.. but I love to dream about the coming season, so I am looking at some pics from last spring when I passed a city garden in a nearby town. There I found this beautiful flowerbed filled with lovely tulips. Isn’t it beautiful! Just look:


Are you like me? Every fall I think: this year I will plant so many flower bulbs here in my home garden so I will be overwhelmed the next spring.

Flower Bulbs In My Home Garden

And every year I fail to do it. For some reason, my falls always get filled in a lot of work and there is seldom time for planning for spring. So I have to be happy for the flower bulbs I have had in my garden for years. I am talking about my snowdrops, my daffodils, white narcissus, (you know – the old fashioned ones with this heavenly fragrance…) tulips, my grape hyacinths and of course, the beautiful colorful crocuses. And I can not forget my carpet of blue scillas…..



Oh, I am longing so much for my spring flowers, but I have to be patient and wait….and during the time be looking at some pictures… that is a comfort!




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