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DSC_6685When to plant roses in your area

A very common question when it comes to rose gardening is when to plant roses. Which time a year is the best one? We will try to answer that question here on How to grow a rose garden!


Check you climate zone

When it is the best time for you to plant roses depends a great deal on the climate where you live. Do you know which climate zone you live in? If not you can just check it out here:  Zip zones

When you know your climate zone, it is easier for you to know first of all which plants to plant in the first place. Not every rose fits for every climate. But knowing about your climate zone makes all much easier.

When to plant roses in cold climate

If you live in a cold climate, it might be best for you to plant the roses in early spring, or when the winter is just about to leave your area. But if the roses you want to plant are some kind that blooms very early in the spring, it might be better for you to plant that rose in the autumn or late summer instead. Just so you can enjoy the flowers coming spring!

If you still want to plant in the early spring, be sure that the frost is all gone. Also be sure that the soil is not frozen or too cold from the winter, but easy to work with.

When to plant roses in warmer climate

If you live in a warmer climate zone where you don not need to worry about hard, cold winters, you can plant your roses in the fall or winter. If you are uncertain when to plant roses in the area you live, you can just visit a local nursery and ask them. I am sure they will be glad to help!

The best choice

The best choice to plant roses is to plant container grown roses since they are not that sensitive to the circumstances while planting them. Since thy already have their own”well known” soil with them in the pot, they much easier adapt to the new place. Just be sure when you buy the plant that it really is a plant that has been grown in the pot, and not a bare rooted rose, just put in the pot before selling.

In order to know, you can just remove the plant from the pot and look at the roots of the rose. If the roots hold together with the soil, it most probably is grown in the pot. But if the soil is falling off the roots, maybe you should ask the seller about it or just look at one other plant.

Container rooted roses you can plant almost any time, as long as the ground is not frozen. This makes a container grown rose a very convenient choice!

The reason spring is a good time to plant roses is of course that the plant will have much time to establish in the new place. The hardest time for a rose or any plant to be planted is during the hot season when it is dry. Those times can be very stressful for the plants since they are in great need of water while establishing themselves.

On the other hand – if it is too much rain and no sun, that can be an unhealthy time for planting also. (Risk for diseases like mildew etc.)

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