Who Does not Long For Cozy Garden Like This…?

I must admit that I have a weak spot for old, country inspired gardens. Not so perfect lines, not any straight walkways, not this super perfect lawn, just flowers, flowers and more flowers.

I love flowers that are a little bit old-fashioned, the kind of flowers my grandmother had in her garden. Mild colors, mostly perennials. I always fall for it..

The kind of garden you can see on this picture…well, isn’t it just lovely! Homely, cozy and sweet!

This lovely picture I found on Pinterest:

Adult Coloring Book - BIG

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  1. Jacqueline swartz says:

    I an interesres in growing roses at the see in west coast ofNamibia and woundlike to be sucksessful a small garden lots of salt with south west wind. Thank you from jacqui in Namibia …

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